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About Mars Valve

Mars Valve Co. Ltd. is an ISO 9001 system-certified company, founded in 1997, manufactures high quality, cost effective stainless steel ball valves for variety of industry applications reaching worldwide markets. Our product range includes one-piece, two-piece, three-piece and flanged ball valves, and we can also be constructed to meet your specific application challenges.

Exclusive new product

We would specially introduce our new, advantage, and exclusive direct-mounting ball valves, the valves directly mounted to actuators, with no additional brackets and adapters required, provides easy and low cost automation, they are best of all, mated to pneumatic and electric actuators to produce the total final control elements.


And Mars Valve was awarded to the split body flanged ball valves and three-piece ball valves Fire Safe certificate by SwRI (Southwest Research Institute, TX and USA). The API 607 6th Editions is the latest, most severe test, reflecting the conditions of a fire in the field. Passed this test gives us and our customers a tremendous advantage in the Oil and Gas, Refining and Chemical industries.

Professional quality

Quality is our commitment, and our customers are in the center of our operations. Mars Valve not only offers you high quality ball valves, but also offer you a successful future. Contact us now; we are just seconds away via E-mail.

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